2018-2019  |  Aitkin County Senior & Caregiver Guide

regularly scheduled health-related 

or supportive services for a fee. 

Registration with the Minnesota 

Department of Health (MDH) is 

required. This registration is issued 

by MDH to settings that provide 

sleeping accommodations to one 

or more adult residents, at least 

80 percent of whom are 55 years 

of age or older. Service will vary 

based on the housing setting you 



 Personal care could 

include laundry, social 

services, help with making 

medical appointments and 



Services related to your health 

might include self-care, nursing 

and home care.


  Meal options will vary.


Personal spaces will vary. Some 

apartments will have kitchens, 

others have individual rooms 

with shared bathrooms. It 

depends on the site.

Are you thinking about moving 

to a housing with services 

setting?  Before you sign a 

lease or housing contract, you 

must call the Senior LinkAge 

Line® for long term care options 

counseling.  This is an important 

call that can help consumers and 

families explore all their options 

and potentially save money 

by connecting to cost saving 

programs and bring services into 

a less expensive setting like a 

home or apartment. 
Following these important steps:

  1.  Call the Senior LinkAge 

Line® at 800.333.2433. 

Or use the Minnesota 

Relay Service at 711 or 

800.627.3529 (TDD). Or call 

877.627.3848 (speech-to-

relay service).

  2.  When you call, you  

will talk with an expert.  

Together you are able to:

       a. Find and connect to  


services that can help  


you remain independent 

       b. Request a Senior LinkAge  


Line® specialist meet  


with you in person and  


help you build a support  


plan that is unique to  


your needs and wants 

       c. Learn about financing  


options that might help  


you pay for needed  


       d. Connect to caregiver  


support services and  


       e. Connect to the County  


to request a MnChoices  

  3.  At the end of the call, you 

will receive a verification 

number. Write it down and 

put it in a safe place.  The 

SLL will also send you a 

paper copy.  

You will be asked to share 

this number when you visit or 

sign a lease for assisted living/

housing with services.  This 

number is good for your lifetime 

and Senior LinkAge Line® can 

provide it to you in the future 

should you need it.   Consumers 

may decline this service at 

any time and can ask for the 

service later, when it is more 

convenient.  Family members 

calling on behalf of a person 

considering a move or who have 

decided to move, must have 

legal authority/documentation 

to obtain the counseling code.  

Consumers can give verbal 

permission for a Senior LinkAge 

Line® Specialist to work with 

another person on their behalf.
Senior LinkAge Line® is a 

statewide service of the 

Minnesota Board on Aging 

provided locally through the 

Arrowhead Area Agency on 

Aging.  Service is available 

by phone at 800-333-2433, 

Monday through Friday 

from 8:00am to 4:30 pm 

as well as via live chat 

through MinnesotaHelp.info.  

Consumers can also reach us at 



Adult Foster Homes 

Adult Foster Care is typically set in 

a home-like setting. It offers food, 

lodging, supervision and other 

services. Rooms may be private 

or shared. Common areas of the 

home are shared. A family may 

provide adult foster care in their 

home, meaning the homeowner 

lives there. Or, a business may 

own the home. In this case an 

agency may provide 24-hour care. 
Aitkin County Health and 

Human Services

204 1st St NW

Aitkin, MN 56431




Independent Living 


Market Rate rentals are called 

apartments. They have no 

subsidy. The real estate market 

determines the rent. Some offer  

a broad range of services and 

may offer health-related services.
Independent Living is when you 

live on your own without around 

the clock care. You might