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Top Right: Ladies coming to the Friday Movie at 

ANGELS.  From Left to right is client Sharon Furzland, 

client Kris Jaynes, Volunteer Barb Jurek, and client 

Audrey Knutson.  
Left: Betty Jacobs, Program Coordinator at CARE at 

Riverwood Health Fair in McGregor
Bottom Right: Sponsors of End Alzheimers: Jan 

Christensen and Gayleen Touhev.

On the Cover:


Top photo on the front cover: Dolores and Jerry 

Wickham, 2017 Outstanding Senior Citizens of Aitkin 

County joining them are Roxy Appel Wigton and 

Bonnie Mickelson from Clear Lake Grange.
Bottom photo: Kathy Roderick.  She is the Bingo 

Caller for the ANGELS monthly bingo at pioneer 

villa.  This photo is at our Christmas Bingo and 

potluck party in our Activity Center.  She calls at the 

Valentines Day get together also.